- Polar pattern: cardioid

- Frequency range: 30 - 16,000 Hz

- Sensitivity at 1,000 Hz: 12 mV/

- Weighted noise level: 17 dB

- Output impedance: max 100 Ohm

- Maximum SPL @ 1,000 Hz:min 134 dB

MKL-100 is condenser valve microphone designed to be used in professional high quality studio recording.

massive brass capsule with large diaphragm - Ø 33 mm- provides cardioid pattern. To secure it from outer mechanical impact the capsule is fixed into rubber suspensions.

The valve amplifier is made along with traditional diagram with transformer output. miniature triode 6S31Br used in the microphone amplifier is distinguished by low anode voltage- - 20 + 2V and high resistance to vibration, which provides low self-noise of the microphone and complete absence of microphone effect of the amplifier at work.

The microphone has warm valve sound and can be good for recording vocals, acoustic instruments and piano. The microphone is supplied in set with PSU switchable for both 110V and 220V and microphone holder.


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