History MKL-100


The first attempt to make MKL-100 was taken in the end of 1998. After we had developed an electronic diagram of the microphone and power supply unit (PSU) we turned to OCTAVA factory with a request to start the production of our microphone. Unfortunately, on the one hand, their production level was not very high, and on the other hand, the OCTAVA was under the pressure of their UK distributor A&F McKAY Audio Ltd. to stop supplying anyone, but them.

Therefore, we had to reject their services and make it by ourselves.

To make MKL-100 we used a traditional rheostate-transformer diagram on the basis of the best low-noise triode 6S31Br made in the former USSR. The main peculiarity of the amplifier assembled with this valve is a rather low self-noise of the microphone which can be explained by the fact that the valve anode gets 20 2 V voltage. This valve was used before only in the military equipment of the former USSR. The output transformer is of our own make. It is a small-size sound transformer on iron permalloy with Nickel contents minimum 71-73% and a linear frequency range 20 20000 Hz.

In appearance MKL-100 is a twice decreased MKL-101.

PSU universal 110V/220V (see a more detailed description in MKL-101).


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