- Polar pattern: cardioid

- Frequency range: 40 - 16,000 Hz

- Sensitivity at 1,000 Hz: min 26 mV/

- Weighted noise level: 18 dB

- Output impedance: min 200 Ohm

- Minimum load impedance: 1,000 Ohm

- Maximum SPL @1,000 Hz:140 dB

- Relative humidity: 90% (+ 20')

MKL-101 Bottle is high quality condenser microphone with valve amplifier - retro style. It was designed to be used in professional recording. The microphone made of vintage and modern components combined. Thus, the amplifier uses large black valve Telefunken EF12 (made in Germany before 1949),

an output transformer WSW (WienerSchwachstronwerhe GMBH)- - Siemens, 1950s, made for valve sound tracks and massive cardioid L capsule with large diaphragm (1.3 inch), 1960s. The usage of vintage and modern components combined allowed to get an interesting sound colouring typical of valve microphones and low self-noise of the microphone.

The microphone is supplied in set with PSU switchable for both 110V and 220V also made in retro-design style.



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