History MKL-102


In the beginning of 2000 their appeared cheap valve Chinese microphones in the market, and we decided that we will make MKL-102 that was being designed at that moment a cheap in materials used, but safe (with high quality electronics) valve microphone for low budget or project studios.

In appearance it is not much different from MKL-101 and MKL-100, but its body is made from aluminum opposed to the brass bodies of the latter. The design of the microphone head and the microphone holder was also simpler. However, the amplifier itself is made using a traditional rheostate-transformer diagram on the basis of the low-noise triode 6S6B that was used in many models of valve microphones LOMO produced in the former USSR in 60s-70s. The output transformer is the same as in MKL-100. The capsule is hand-assembled (cardioid).

PSU universal 110V/220V (see a more detailed description in MKL-101).


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