LOMO 199 condenser valve microphone


- Polar pattern: cardioid

- Frequency range: 40 - 15,000 Hz

- Sensitivity: 6 mV/P

- Noise level: 20 dB

- Output impedance: 47 Ohm

199 (lollipop) is condenser valve mic that used to be made in the Soviet Union in 1956 - 1970. This is the most wide-used one-pattern microphone designed for high quality music and speech professional recording.

While designing the microphone Soviet engineers used such famous types as Telefunken ELAM 304/4 and 201, which distinctive feature was that the output transformer was placed in power supply unit. This allowed to increase the size of the output transformer, and therefore the coils quantity in the primary winding, which resulted in low frequency range improvement.

The microphone head that is made in the form of lollipop has one- side capsule with wide diaphragm (1.2 inch). The amplifier uses Russian valve 6Zh1P.

The microphone is supplied with massive PSU type 20B35 (220V).


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